Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

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Gambling can become an addiction without any realization. It does not reflect any side effects or physical damage, but before you even realize that you have a gambling addiction, you will down the spiral of debt and hopes of winning as situs penghasil uang. It is often referred to as ‘hidden illness’ because it has no signs and symptoms like drugs or alchohol, which also makes the gamblers deny that they are suffering from an issue. It is just the matter of a few big wins and big losses to hook you in endless gambling addiction. Here are some of the symptoms to help you realize whether you or anyone you know has a gambling addiction.

If the person is secretive about gambling

People who are addicted to gambling do not often disclose their love for it. They tend to hide it from their family and peers, hoping that someday they might surprise them with big wins. But it is a very important sign that you fear about your losses and dying hopes of winning that you cannot disclose it among your trusted people.

If the person has trouble controlling gambling

You might not feel that you are addicted and take it as a hobby. But subconsciously you are only craving for more and more of the adrenaline that you get from playing each hand and waiting for the win reveal in Uang pro. You like the feeling of that suspense on your luck, which is why you like the games and involve yourself in gambling. If you gamble until you spend your last penny, know that you are a patient of gamble addiction.

If the person gambles more than working

If someone is spending too much time in betting and playing casino games while their financial condition is decaying slowly, they should do a reality check to get their life back on track. Gambling addicts empty their bank accounts before realizing it and then start relying on credits, loands, borrowing, and even stealing things to fulfill the gambling needs.

If the person has their family and friends worries

If your family or your close friends talk to you about your gambling habit, they might be getting the feeling that you are overdoing your hobby. Listen to them carefully, and understand what they are trying to say about saving your money. You might not realize it now, but later when you find yourself stuck in a big problem, you will be bearing all the guilt of hearing “we said so.”

How to self help through a gambling addiction

As we know, gambling is not a physical addiction. It causes no harm to your body or mental state, except for the urge of playing more. With simple ways as mentioned below, you can easily come out of your gambling addiction.

  • Learn to convert the urge of gambling into other activities such as playing video games, sports, or creating art pieces.
  • Make new friends and find out about their hobbies. If you find something interesting about any of their hobbies, then you can plan to do it together. Avoid hanging out with your old gambling peer.
  • Join gamblers anonymous support groups and talk with people who have faced the same issues as you. Learn from and support each other with activities and group talks.

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