Writer, Editor & Publisher Sites of Interest

Sites of interest to editors and publishersassociations, magazines, professional information

Audit Bureau of Circulations (US) www.accessabc.com
Canadian Magazine Publishers Association (CA) www.cmpa.ca
Editor & Publishers (US) www.mediainfo.com
Folio: Magazine (US) www.foliomag.com
Japanese Magazine Publishers Association — English version (JP)
Japanese Magazine Publishers Association — Japanese version (JP) www.j-magazine.or.jp
Periodical Publishers Association (UK) www.ppa.co.uk/
Publishing Business Group (US) www.publishingbiz.com
Western Publications Associations (US) www.wpa-online.org/welcome.html

Wooden Horse Magazine Database (US) www.woodenhorsepub.com

Writers' sites – We do not endorse any of these, however, you may find them extremely useful.

American Society of Journalists and Authors (US) www.asja.org
AuthorLink (US) www.authorlink.com
Authors Acknowledge Authors http://www.independentauthor.com/authors
ByLine Magazine (US) www.bylinemag.com
Freelance Online (US) www.freelanceonline.com
Freelance Writers (US) www.freelancewrite.about.com
Freelance Writing (US) www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/freelance
Freelance Writing FAQ (US) www.yudkin.com/publish.htm
Making Critical Choices Writers List http://www.egroups.com/group/making_critical_choices
Mr. Magazine (US) www.mrmagazine.com
National Writers Union (US) www.nwu.org
Online Writers Guidelines (US) www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/6682/guidelines.html
Travelwriters.com (US) www.travelwriters.com
Write Market Webzine (US) www.writemarket.com
Writer Online (US) www.novalearn.com/wol/
Writers Digest (US) www.writersdigest.com
Writer's Place, The (US) www.awoc.com/AWOC-Home.cfm
Writer's Resource Center (US) www.poewar.com
Writers Websites (US) www.writerswebsite.com
Writers Write (US) www.writerswrite.com
WritersMarkets (US) www.writersmarkets.com
Writing.org (US) www.writing.org

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