Local Blogging: What You Should Know Now!

by Assistant on June 30, 2010

Local Blogging has been and off and on again trend. Recently, Mike Keonigs has brought it to the forefront with his own twist. The first major place that I noticed it was when Search Directory Of (had a former name) started selling memberships to their directory service. I have always been interested, and wanted to know more about it, and have even worked with some of the big players in the local blogging niche.

I want to share with you some tips:

1. Engage Others

2. Start Your Own Meetups

3. Reconsider Your ‘Target’ Audience

4. Embrace Flickr & Other Similar Sites

5. Get Out There (Yes, You)!

6. Organize Events to Celebrate & Promote Your Community Members

7. Delegate Responsibility to Community Members

8. Take the Time to Learn About & Spotlight Your Community Members

9. Teach & Learn

10. Be Open to the Ways Your Blog & Its Community Will Change YOU

11. Trust Your Instincts

12. Give in to Your Creative Impulse

13. Don’t Sweat the Blog Stuff (‘Cause It’s All Small Stuff)

14. You Don’t Have to Be an SEO Guru to Get Started

15. Blog What You Know

16. You Can Start with a Simple Blog Design or Platform

17. You Have to Be Your Own Biggest Fan

18. Shorter = Better

19. To Be a Good Blogger, You Have to Be a Good Reader

Want to see a great example of a local blogger that is really getting involved in local/hyper-local blogging? Check out GoWayneCounty!


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