Has Technology Gone Too Far?

by Assistant on December 14, 2009

There are so many fabulous technologies available to us to make our lives simpler, and many of those technologies keep advancing and are becoming smarter. One new technology that a friend recently showed to me is one that in the next year (maybe less) will give us a great deal more flexibility as well as incorporate more technology into one device and excluding the need for several devices. To best describe it, you should see the video below and my article on the Friday Traffic Report.

The Sixth Sense Technology

Although I love technology, I find that there is so much going on that the average person could never keep up with it all. Privacy issues, privacy control settings, etc. Where is the line drawn about what others know about our private lives? I recently heard a well known person say, if you don't want others to know about something you have done then maybe you shouldn't have done it. Which, in one sense makes perfect sense, yet in another sense, why are our rights not being taken seriously?

This brings to mind the very essence of the world we live in today. We no longer can assume that just because we don't belong to a social networking site, we don't have a blog, and we don't post personal information online, that we don't have personal information being posted about us. If you hear anyone saying that they can't have personal information about themselves online, think again! They can, and probably do. It may not be on the front page of Google or Yahoo, but, don't get too comfy thinking there isn't anything there. Now more than ever its important to protect your reputation. You could do it alone, which I have worked on teams to do this, but its VERY difficult to do alone and its VERY time consuming. Oh, and then you have to have all the tools or know how in order to do this, especially if you are having to do more than just monitor your personal information.

My recommendation to all people whether you have notoriety or not, is to monitor your identity online. If you are an author, small business professional, athlete, speaker, coach, writer, celebrity or online business owner, you need to know what is being said about you at all times. Reputation Defender is the most comprehensive resource available. They have the knowledge and tools available to monitor your personal information at all times for you. You will see in my sidebar, an ad for them, I highly advise that you check out the range of services they provide.

Personal PR for the Web has finally arrived: MyEdge from ReputationDefender.

Here is the video, its about 9 minutes, but well worth the watch, its fascinating!

Patti Maes, Ted.com: The Sixth Sense

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