Perks and Downsides of Being a Professional Poker Player

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Becoming a poker player does not demand much training and hard work if you have the right patience and common sense. If you follow the hobby of playing poker, game slot online and considering it as a professional career, there are few perks and downsides you should know about before taking the next step. Poker is not for everyone, and only the most logical minds can keep up with the pressure of loss in order to make it big. Let us look at what will go right and what might go wrong in your poker career.


Doing what you love

Becoming a professional poker player can hardly be a forced decision. It will be mostly due to the love for the slot game online indonesia and the hunger of making it big. Poker is a game which can change the lives of players overnight. It is one of the jobs that you can say that you love. There have been famous professionals who have inspired others to test their luck and skills as every hand of the game brings out new strategies and complexity which motivates the players to stick to the game.

Freedom and flexibility

Poker will provide you with the freedom you need in your profession. It offers flexibility in the working hours as well as unmatched profits compared to any other profession. You can play in independently without anyone on your top monitoring your work. You can play anytime and set your own time and money needs.

Earning potential

Poker can be one of the fastest ways of making money, considering it requires the skills to make the right decisions and a little bit of luck on your side. If you can play your cards right and fold at the right time, you will be making more money in a day as compared to earning the same amount working for a month in a firm. Easy money is the main reason people are attracted to poker and other casino games.



Variane is the biggest drawback in playing poker for a living. It is the reason why people only consider poker as a part time hobby rather a full time career. It requires proper bank management to be able to perform in the game every day. It is only good as long as you are winning. Once you start losing the money, your bank stability will be at stake. Poker can force you emotionally to put in your money without managing your budget, which can be disasterous in future.

Initial capital required

You will require a good budget for playing poker as well as to keep yourself suffice even if you lose all your poker budget. You should be prepared to take the beating of losing hand after hand. You will need to have atleast enough for the buy-ins to be able to play a complete game of poker tournament.

Long term fatigue

If you make your hobby as your profession, there are chances where you might get bored of doing it every day. The same goes for poker. You may find it tiring and boring after a while as the game goes for a long time on both online and live tournaments. The lack of light inside casinos can make your noxious and frustrated. One good way to prevent it is to play for a limited time everyday to keep it fresh and interesting.

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