Should I Import Handbags

by Assistant on May 18, 2012

Importing bags supplies stylish, trendy and fashionable items that have a high demand all year. Importing bags in bulk and selling them to retailers in US has become big business for many importers.

Purses are trendy items that people buy again and again when ever the tastes and styles change. Style purses give a sexy up to date look to ladies that fit perfectly with their sophisticated styles. Style bags are inspired from very simple ideas to hugely elaborate designer concepts so that they make a trend statement of women who carry them.

Importing Of Purses

In USA, trend and design bags have been imported for many decades mainly from Asian countries like China, India and Indonesia. Designer firms have their own production facilities in developing countries where the labor and raw materials are cheaper. They send their new designs and get them produced for a fraction of cost that it takes to make in the USA.

There are also many hundreds of purse manufacturers in these countries who take up custom orders of little to large quantities. You can also find a list of such manufacturers who deal with importing purses at trade websites. There are also importers of bags in USA who import from various sources and re-sell them to distributors or retailers here or sell them on their own stores.

There are plenty of varieties of bags in the marketplace now and since the designs and styles are ever modifying you will see newer varieties introduced just about every now and then. Handbags are both a utility and a trendy item, so both these factors have to be taken care of when creating a new bag.

Women typically love animal pattern bags, monogram purses, evening bags, get together purses, trendy purses, designer purses, signature purses, fabric purses, beaded purses, collegiate purses, tote bag travel gear, spiritual bags and enviro bags. Small bags, wallets, purses and leather pouches are some of the other items traded and produced by the same manufacturers.

Restrictions Regarding Importing Handbags

Purses are typically not restricted under any rule, but there are some related issues that you need to take care when you are importing bags. You may not use bird feathers in your bags from the countries that are afflicted with the Avian Flu. Other such restrictions can be seen periodically at U.S. Customs and Border safety website.

You should also avoid using designer copies of handbags like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. These are items that are exact copy of another designer product, handling such goods are illegal and importers may end up being fined, products seized at the customs and possibly sued by the original design owner. Also avoid using prohibited and restricted raw materials like elephant ivory, and leather from certain types of animals and wildlife like rhinoceros.

Leather bags importers should take extra care to make sure their bags are properly processed and not made using any endangered species. Carefully label the bags and include the country of origin, a true outline of the bags and other details. There are special labeling needs for leather and imitation leather bags too.

Importing bags carry endless benefits so plan all the possibilities and options. If you have the ability and support, go for your own designer range of import bags, luggage and kids’ designer luggage. Wallets, totes, ladies purses, jewelry bags, etc have enough potential to sustain in the marketplace for a long time.

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