The One Common Characteristic of the Best Business Cards

by Assistant on May 19, 2012

Each businessperson knows how useful of a marketing tool business cards can be.

Done right, an effective card can produce new buyers, repeat business and referrals by the boatload.

Having said that, a great deal of company owners develop a weak business card and lose out on it’s business generating potential.

Now, discover how you can change that once and for all, and make sure yours does as much for you and your company as it is able.

Sometimes I’m asked if there is a hidden secret to an effective business card — A single thing that determines whether or not it will attract a lot of clients.

The answer is yes!

The secret to a winning card is — in basic terms — to make yours ENGAGING!

Want to read that previous sentence again?

The best business cards have that 1 crucial characteristic.

In order for a business card to do what it’s supposed to do, it has to be able to engage the recipient for at least a few seconds.

The unfortunate truth is, the key reason why most underwhelm is that they don;t hold the attention of the prospect long enough to make any impact.

Actually, a recent study demonstrated that almost 2/3 of business cards received nothing more than a quick peek before the recipient put them away, enabling it to make little to no impression whatsoever. (read: buried in a pocket, perhaps never to see daylight again)

You see “normal” content – that is, a name, contact info, a logo, and other general content – lacks the power to make an impression on a prospect. These details don’t persuade a prospect to hire you (or to share your card with a friend). They don’t make you memorable either. Even worse yet, these details don’t give a prospect much cause to look over the card either! After all, it’s not like they’re going to memorize the phone number right?

That’s why a standard card that features nothing but a name, logo, and contact information goes quickly into someone’s pocket without even another glance. That is all you need to process that kind of information! It’s enough time to say, “all right, if I actually need to contact this person, I can.”

On the flip side, each time a card truly engages someone, looks unique, says something different, and subliminally forces them to focus on it and take notice of a clear message – well, something amazing happens.

It shifts from “contact card”… to sales tool!

It becomes a little advertisement, and earns the power to ENCOURAGE someone toward a certain choice or action. That is, to choose to do business with you!

Speaking of which, a call to action is a major, though often missing component of most business cards. To generate results yours should lead prospects toward the next step — ie. asking for some information, watching a video on your site, requesting a free report, coming in for a special offer, or anything else you can dream up.

THAT, my friend, is how you convert a prospect into a customer. Stand out. Be unique. And supply them with a great reason to give you a shot!

So if you must have effective business cards, don’t settle for a “contact card”. Decide instead upon a potent little sales tool!

Make yours attention-grabbing… and engaging.

You can achieve that through:

  • a strong call to action
  • unique content on the front or back of the card
  • fascinating effects like debossing, spot uv , or lenticular movement
  • a unique shape or die-cut
  • eye-popping illustration or layout
  • a unique material (such as wood, or plastic)

Include more than just contact information and a logo, and make certain your card cannot be tucked in a pocket until the recipient has gotten a real hard look at it.

There’s no easier way to keep your business card out of the garbage can and working longer and harder to generate business on your behalf.

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