Client One Sheets

The goal of your one sheet is to present a visual representation of you, your topic(s) and what you will deliver to an audience—in a condensed, easy to disseminate format. Your one page is about YOU the speaker and your presentation, not your company or a sales piece on the services your company offers.

A one sheet should:

  • Be visually appealing and professional
  • Give the reader an impression of what the audience will "feel" when you speak
  • Generate interest in you, your topic and what is unique and special about your presentation
  • Show value and results
  • Provide credibility
  • Provide a way to contact you or your bureau for additional information
  • Be only one page. (one or two sided)
  • Be printed professionally on high quality paper and you need to have an online PDF version. The online version is becoming the most important these days. But some people still request hard copies.

Traditional elements of a one sheet:

  • Biography (What qualifies you to speak)
  • Topic (s) The title and short description of your presentation(s)
  • Contact Information: Yours and a bureau friendly version
  • Testimonials: Social proof
  • Statement to generate interest to target market (s)
  • Brief information on your unique spin and core concept
  • Partial list of clients: Provide credibility and recognition

You will need to collect the following documents and information for your designer. Unless you ARE a designer, please have a professional design your one sheet. It would be beneficial if your designer has experience designing promotional materials for speakers and/or entertainers AND if you use the same designer for your all or most of your marketing materials so that you have a unified look and feel (brand).

  • Professional quality photo
    300 dpi sent electronically or scanned- It would be best to have some head shots and some of what I can "action" or "natural" shots which are pictures that capture your personality, style or brand. Please have the photographer use a white background.
  • Biography
    I recommend having a writer/editor or successful speaker help you with your biography.
  • Testimonials/Raves
    If you are just beginning and do not have any testimonials, start speaking for free and request them. Also, You do not have to use the entire testimonial. Often it is best to choose a select portion that highlights a particular point about you.
  • Examples of previous or current marketing materials
  • List (partial or full) of Clients

Here is a list of questions we provide our clients:

Contact Information
Name Company Phone Fax Cell

Presentation Information (List up to three)

Speaker Information
Name (as it will appear)
Biography (Type or attach)
Contact Number
Contact Fax
Contact Address
Contact Email

Favorite Colors
Colors NOT to use
Appealing themes or images

Circle the concepts below (all that apply) that are part of the image you would like to portray. Add your own if you would like.

Serious corporate identity Fun and exciting Powerful Organization is key Conservative Spiritual Personal Power Innovative Compassionate Strong Technical Feeling oriented WOW Male Speaker Female Speaker Understated Bold and Daring Safe and mainstream In your face Confident Focus on speaker The Future Change Exotic Tranquil Funny Serious and powerful content Subdued Cool

  • Do you have a phrase you want to add?
  • Describe two different people who would be perfect audience members for your presentation.
    (Age, sex, industry, career, desires, hobbies, prejudices… etc.)
  • What is your core concept?
  • What are your critical beliefs?
  • What problem are you solving for people?
  • What are you helping them to do?
  • Do you have a book?
  • Ask three friends/clients who have seen you speak the top three adjectives to describe your presentation. What are they?
  • Do you want to target a specific industry?

Spend time doing some research online and send me the websites of at least three speaker that you would consider to be your competition. Also, send me at least three speaker web sites that you like and tell me what you like about them. Do the same for three speaker sites you don't like and why.

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