What Every Internet Marketer Must Know About Time Management?

by Assistant on February 8, 2012

Do you have internet marketer aspirations? Changes are big that you will end up sitting behind your computer every day all day long. With your computer and moreover the internet it is so easy to get distracted. While surfing different forums in order to do you research, it is very easy to dive into conversations and forget about why you came to this forum at the first place.

One golden rule for being successful on the internet is to remain focussed; you need to stick to your time table. Time management is the key. Many, on the other hand, believe that investing in time management must be costly or way too difficult for them. Yes, it can be, but there are easy and affordable approaches you can take. Here we want to show you a few very effective time management ideas that you can easily apply. For more making money online (in Dutch: snel geld verdienen) tips, click the link.

1. For every day you will have a to do list

All you need is a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. I know you can afford this. It is also possible to do this in your computer. Use wordpad, Word or Excel. If you don’t have that, head over to Google docs in order to do the same here. You need to think about what is important. Therefore the best time to produce a to do list, is at night or early in the morning. But do it before you start to work. You need to think about what you want to accomplish the next day. What steps do you need to make in order to achieve your goals?. It is important to write all the different tasks down and start to prioritize them. All these tasks should be in this to do list document.

You want the overall picture, but don’t forget to put in the little details as well. One main task may contain 5 subtasks. Your to do list will become smaller the moment you cross accomplished tasks for your list.

Now you not only have a list to do that will keep you on track, you actually have a list that will motivate you as well.

2. Time per task

Now you know what to do during the day. Crossing tasks from your list may serve as a source of motivation, if not, a schedule is recommended. Decide how much time you want to spend for each task.

For example: You have articles that need to be submitted. If so, set aside a specific block of time to doing so. For example, submit these articles between 9 and 10 am. This is an excellent way to track your time. You know precisely when you are behind or on schedule.

3. Use your desktop calendar

It is important to realize what you do with your time. The sooner you realize you are having a problem with your time management, the sooner you will start to earn money. If you are good at time management or staying on task, you can take a more lax approach. For these purposes a desktop calendar is useful.

Here you note down all the tasks for the day and you can also attach different time frames to each task. The only thing you need to do: Do it!. Each accomplished task needs to be crossed away from your calendar.

These are available online, at department stores and office supply stores. Well, these prices are not too steep. Normally around $5.

4. The importance of alarm clocks

You need to track your time. This is where the alarm clock comes into play. You are supposed to use it in conjuction with your scheduled to do list.

We agreed that you needed to send the articles to article directories, right? Now it is time to challenge yourself. Get ready, set the alarm and off you go. Whenever this alarm goes off, this is the time you allocated in order to finish this task. If you are done with it, you did fine, if not, you need to start to hurry up as you are behind schedule than.

5 – Think of the Money

Your job is to get results for your blogs and websites; for yourself or for your clients. Never ever forget that this all has to do with money making. And thinking so, will probably motivate you to keep the pedal to the metal.

Focus is the answer to it all. That job is to drive traffic to a website, blog, product or service. If you do this, you will make loads of money. Effective working will reduce the time needed in order to finish your task list.
For more making money online (in Dutch: veel geld verdienen) tips, click the link.

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