Michelle Taney

As Public Relations Director for MediaGuests.net, Michelle Taney comes with vast experience. Recognizable for her steadfastness as a book publicist, she is constantly creating new and attention grabbing releases for the media. Media exposure, for an author, is always maximized due to her wide-ranging media contacts and know-how.


Early on, Michelle trained as a publisher representative, assisting authors on tours. In this position she visited "green rooms" across the United States, sat in-studio with hosts and producers and participated in research rooms at major newspaper companies. This experience has taught her first hand how the media operates. Throughout her career she has partnered with various publishing houses, best-selling and self-published authors, to create national publicity campaigns.

She endeavors to customize campaigns and personalize her attention to authors, offering strategies tailor-made for each title. With her one-on-one approach with authors and publishers, she is always available to answer questions and give each project the guidance and attention it deserves. Michelle feels privileged to have represented such authors as, Betty J. Eadie, (Embraced By The Light), John Simmons, (The Marvelous Journey Home) Gary and Joy Lundberg (I don’t have to Make Everything all Better), James Michael Pratt (The Last Valentine), Dr. James Shaw (Jack and Jill: Why they Kill), Barbara Salsbury (Preparedness Principles), Michele VanLeeuwen (Summer Bridge Activity Books), and many, many others that have inspired her to work hard and achieve the overall promotional results desired. Some of her top media interviews for authors include: NPR, USA Today, Good Morning America, Fox News Channel, USA Network.

She has also secured multiple regional placements for authors in radio, television and print across the United States. Michelle lives in a scenic mountain community in Utah with her loving and supportive husband, and three wonderful children. Her interests include camping, traveling, having tea parties with her daughters, afternoon hikes with the families black lab {moose} and reading books in her favorite chair.

Thanks, Michelle Taney

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