Bill Wardell


Bill Wardell is a Social Media enthusiasts, consultant and coach.


Bill has successfully driven organic traffic to his client’s sites, partner’s sites, as well as his own sites on a monthly basis, with numbers exceeding tens of thousands of visitors daily.

Bill has successfully mastered the technique of dominating huge keyword niches in the top 10 in Google, Yahoo and MSN, even with tier 1 phrases having 1.6 billion competitors!

Bill Wardell is the Senior Editor, Creator, Developer of Online Security Authority, the Author of “Don’t Take Candy From Strangers” and a Authority Site Center Certified Coach. Speaker and Radio Show Host, Publisher, Researcher and National Radio Guest!

One of the first and only things you need to know about me is I believe in what I am doing and I believe I can make a difference in other peoples lives by publishing good content.

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