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Anissa Wardell comes with vast  experience. She is constantly creating new and attention  grabbing campaigns for clients with her team of professionals  who are ready to help brand your company & get highly desired results.  Media exposure, for Branding & Online Business  Building, is always maximized due to her wide-ranging online  resources, media contacts and know-how.

Early on, Anissa ran several contractors offices single handedly, doing their bookkeeping, helping them on the job site, handling outsourced workers & vendors, assisting during meetings, helping coordinate supplies & subs, as well as any and all clerical work. Her father always said she was good at delegating! This and other job training helped her to work for and eventually run the day to day operations of a non-profit contractors association for seven years.

Anissa has also dabbled in Real Estate after obtaining her license and consulting on various deals. Throughout her career she has partnered with various online & offline businesses to develop content, social media strategies, link building,and has helped generate traffic and links to their sites with the methods she has learned from Jack Humphrey as well as those that her husband and partner have perfected for their own businesses and their clients businesses. Anissa has also done a fair amount of networking and helped partner clients with others who have helped them take their business to a higher level.

She also has a successful online & offline publicity business that she runs for several of her clients where she is able to not only generate offline campaigns such as Radio, TV & Print publicity, but also creates custom Marketing, Social Media, Branding & Traffic Generation. Anissa feels privileged to have worked with the leading Link Building & Traffic Generating Expert, Jack Humphrey as well as clients like TekTools, Paul Anderson Youth Home, Dr. Neil Neil, and the many others who she has written for or consulted with over the years.

Anissa lives in a scenic mountain community in Utah with her loving and supportive husband, and three wonderful children. Her interests include traveling, reading, crafts, just about any activity with her children, and time with her husband. @Anissa Wardell

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