The Publicists Assistant's Team brings unique writing, branding, marketing, and their management skills that directly benefit each and every one of our clients. Check out the TPA Team below:

The Publicists Assistants Team Members

"Our aggressive, individualized approach has proven to be highly successful in garnering extensive coverage for our clients`."

It’s difficult to do your own publicity. Everyone believes that The New York Times should review their book or that Oprah should be knocking on their door to interview them, but we all know that it’s not likely.


As an agency not only do we have better contacts, but we can be more objective about the promotional angles of your project. As publicists we also give you more credibility in the industry. It's important to have an agency that understands and really likes your project whether its branding yourself, or a book, service or other type of product.

Whether you are a New York Times best-selling author or small business seeking brand awareness, The Publicists Assistant will assist you with the difficult demands of promotion and publicity.

Book Publicity

By limiting the number of clients we handle each season, we are better able to give our authors the attention they deserve and also devote more time and energy to promoting their book. See Our Book Publicity Services page for more information.

Internet Publicity

There are so many ways to promote you or your product/service online. We incorporate press releases, blogs, articles, video, audio, social networking and more. Each clients campaign is tailored to their specific needs. See Our Internet Publicity Services page for more information.

Radio Publicity

Being a guest on a radio news program or on a radio talk show can give you the publicity that helps sell your products and gain name recognition for your company. We have several campaigns that we offer, we have Guaranteed campaigns and non-guaranteed campaigns. See Our Radio Publicity Services page for more information.

Print Publicity

The least expensive way to get the word out about your book is through the media. Print media options include newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. See Our Print Publicity Services page for more information.

Television Publicity

Are you new to getting TV publicity and looking to promote your message, book, business and brand? Or have you appeared on TV several times and looking for ways to get even more exposure? Contact us for more information.


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