7 Tips to Beat the Odds at the Casino

Is it really possible to beat the odds at the casino every time and make it big faster than anyone else? How do the professional players get an unbreakable winning streak? What are the secrets behind hitting jackpots on slot machines? Here are the tips that can help find the right way to turn luck to your side.

Identify the clumsiest dealers

While playing a card game, it is more sensible to pick a table with a clumsy dealer. If the dealer does not handle the card properly and you are sitting on a seat next to the dealer, all you need is a pair of glasses and a chance to peek when the dealer accidentaly flased the card. It can increase the chance of your winning, and it is totally acceptable as it is the dealer’s fault to flash the card.

Keep eyes on the prize

Do not fall for the tricks of the casino by joining the tables with beautiful women and complementary drinks. Which the casinos lure you with beautiful female dealers, you might not realise that the payouts of the table have been reduced. Do not fall for such tactics and focus on the money of you are in a casino or else you can choose to visit a bar and save some money.

Learn to say enough

Games like roulette offer a 5 percent edge on each of your winnings. If you are at your winning streak, there will be a time when the house will take all your money. This is a calculated point of 30,000 hands which will give them all your winnings. So learn when to stop playing and being greedy.

Use common sense

If you use common sense in casino games rather than relying on luck, it will benefit you more than what you will eventually win. Games like roulette use mechanical instruments which can get rusty over time. If you know the right physics, you can actually predict the winnings and take home big rewards.

Go big or go broke

Another part where your common sense will come handy will be at slot machines. Here instead of playing small on high cost machines, play big on low cost machines. This will increase the chances of winning, although slowly but more promisingly.

Do not play Keno

Keno is the worst game you can end up playing inside a casino which offers the least chances of winning. The house has 35 percent edge on the winnings, and the probability of matching all the 20 numbers on a 20-spot ticket is very rare.

Get yourself a watch

The casinos will not have any clocks and windows inside it. This is not because it disturbs the amibence of the place, but because the casino does not want to let you know how long have you been inside it. They do not care if you do not reach home in time as long as you are spending your money. So keeping a watch will be self help in knowing when to leave.

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